Frutas Plasencia is firmly compromised with quality and we apply all quality standards in all our services, from the harvesting of our products to its presentation, without forgetting our treatment of our customers and their satisfaction. Besides, we devote our efforts to certify that we carry out all these excellence standards.



We have several distribution channels and points of sales managed by us spread over Spain, naming Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia for its significance and magnitude. So we can offer a quick and efficient service that satisfactorily responds to our customers’ exigencies.



The staff of all our areas is highly qualified and they are subject to the same quality standards we apply to our products. We are committed to a constant and professional training to adapt ourselves to the market’s  changing demanding, as well as to promote safety and professionalism among our employees.



We incorporate the last innovations in agricultural technology to our facilities to improve or quality and service. Tools such as food trazability or electronic calibration allow us to offer the best products with all the guarantees in safety and excellence.



In Frutas Plasencia we believe that if we want to succeed we must offer an upright and trusted service. For this reason, throughout all these years, our honesty and full dedication to our work have established our career. And we lay the foundations of our future history in these values. We have the Ecoembes certification.



Nowadays, the second generation of Frutas Plasencia rules this family company founded in 1969. Almost 50 years of experience have turned us in a referent in fruit production and distribution in Spain. This knowledge allows us to offer delicious, tasty and quality products.


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